Does Cleaning Your Home Take

The Joy Out Of Your Weekend?

You spend all week working, only to come home and spend what little free time you have doing dishes, laundry, scrubbing showers and tending to your floors... the work is never done!

Maybe you feel embarrassed when people come over or the thought of someone popping by causes you anxiety?

How would you feel if you could leave the cleaning to the professionals and say goodbye to the stress and embarrassment?

Click the button below and say "goodbye" to stress and anxiety about cleaning your home and "hello" to more free time

Here’s what YOU will get out of hiring a cleaning service:

- More time to spent with family and friends

- Relief of tension in the house; no more arguing over who’s cleaning what

- Ease the stress and embarrassment of having people over or popping by unannounced.

What Can You Expect?

Azalea Cleaning Co offers complete and professional cleaning services in the Greater Greenville, South Carolina area; if you're in Greer or Pelzer, Simpsonville or Greenville, we can help! You can expect 5-start service as you enjoy your new peace of mind and more free time!

We offer everything you need:

  • Complete Kitchen Cleaning

  • Yes, we do Windows!

  • Clean and streak-free floors

  • Top to bottom bathrooms

  • Dusting, tidying, and vacuuming other rooms

  • Disinfecting for peace of mind

  • and more!

We’re ready to get down to the nitty-gritty to make sure no surface is left untouched. We put in the elbow grease needed to get your home to sparkle the way it should!

Oh, and did we mention you get 10% off when you book a deep clean plus windows?

Why Choose Us?

Not only do we offer impeccable cleaning services, but we make sure to use only the best products in your home. We utilize high-quality cleaning solutions that won’t leave your house with a toxic smell. Additionally, our team of pro cleaners are always ready for the next house. You can schedule your cleaning weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or at any interval you need!

We only have professional cleaners that incorporate our core values, which is to be resourceful and communicative. Our cleaners are always ready to help out with whatever you need. They are ready to get your home clean quickly, effectively, and with a smile on their face!

Isn’t time you sat back and relaxed while someone else did the cleaning? Get your home professionally cleaned regularly by a friendly and reliable team.

You deserve a break. And so does your home.

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